Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Gamma Bros is a good time

Hi! Today I've got a couple things to mention and some images to show, but I'll try to keep it brief. I should be spending my time on making games, not talking about them! But, I suppose I can take a few minutes to keep people updated..

1) Rat from Ratmaze has been bugging me to help him create a myspace profile, so I went ahead and set one up for him. check it out if you want!

Add him as your friend, send him a message or leave a comment. He'd love that. He's pretty good at replying too. And he's recently gotten into blogging.

2) Ratmaze stuff! I'm going to be setting up a whole selection of artwork based on Rat and Ratmaze soon on I've got one shirt up there so far, a "baby doll" womens T-shirt, which I actually made as a surprise gift for the person who motivated us to finish ratmaze in the first place, after I wrote the blog about how Ratmaze wasn't going to happen. The URL to the shop is, and here's what the first shirt looks like:

Check it out soon! I'll be making a bunch of stuff available, including a mousepad ;)

3) Gamma Bros! It's coming along so well! I'm officially addicted to it. It's a lot of fun, and really wakes me up if I'm feeling tired. It's kind of constant action. Miles thinks we'll have it ready for beta testing in a couple weeks. If you think you'd like to request to be a beta tester, email us at

So, if you'd like to see, I went ahead and took some recent screenshots of the game in progress, and here they are! Brand new, exclusive screenshots just for the readers on my games blog. Actually, we give permission to use these screenshots for review and other press related purposes. Just please give credit to Pixeljam Games, and a link to please. And let us know too, so we can see where it winds up. Thanks! Now for the screens. Click for larger versions:

Oh, and there's one more.. I feel like I'm giving too much away, but I suppose if you're taking the time to read this blog I should make it worth your while! Check it out, you can upgrade to better ships throughout the game! You'd better collect those space coins or you'll be sorely disappointed. New ships are faster and have better armor than the one you start out with. You'll also be able to purchase power-ups from that little orange guy when he comes by. He's actually the "mini orange boss" from "Game 01", which I'll write more in depth about another time. In Gamma Bros, he knows how hard it can be to commute home sometimes with all those unreasonably hostile enemies attacking the whole time, so he tries to help the Bros. out.. but he's also looking to make a buck, so you'll need to have enough cash on hand. He doesn't care THAT much. only as much as your wallet is large. And trust me, you're gonna want to buy everything he offers.

That's all for today! Visit Rat's profile if you like and say hello. He'd be glad to hear from you.


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