Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Interview with a Rat

Hello World! This week I've got Burger Boy with me here in the studio. He's going to be helping out since Miles and I are spending most of our time working with the Gamma Bros to get their game finished before the end of March (2006). It's going to be tough but we think we can do it. Let me quickly introduce Burger Boy and then I'll be off to create some nice gems for Buzz and Zap to collect on their journey through space! We've also got an interview with Rat from Ratmaze coming up later.

Rich Grillotti: Hi Burger Boy. How's it going?

Burger Boy: Great, thanks. Do you mind if I eat this while we talk?

RG: Not at all. I kind of expected it.

BB: [munch, munch..]

RG: So, Burger Boy, Do you mind being called "Burger Boy"?

BB: Nah, it's o.k. It's a nickname people call me for some reason, but I don't really care. [munch, munch.. chomp]. As long as I've got burgers!

RG: Ha ha, great. It seems to work for you, & your... um .. interests..

BB: Huh? [munch, gulp].

RG: here, have another.

BB:Thanks! [grab].

RG: Now, I realize most people out there don't know who you are yet. Let me briefly explain how I know you. Burger Boy here had a somewhat major role in our first game, the other one that we half finished and had to put aside due to lack of time and $$, and as well, because it was far too large in scope to finish in any reasonable amount of time. Referred to thus far as "Game01", it's the same odd, epic action/adventure game that the Gamma Bros first appeared in, as well as Rat, Dude, little pooper, Guy and the Mini Orange Boss. I'll probably write a blog about Game01 one of these days, so keep an eye out for that one folks. With any luck (and help) we'll revisit the game itself in a year or so, but it's really going to depend on if we have the support of our fans/audience in 2006, or find other opportunities that allow us to keep on making games AND paying our rent & bills. We'll see what happens.

BB: Cool. I hope you make it. I get to eat lots of burgers in that game, and there's that one REALLY BIG burger that kept running away from me! That was great. I'm getting hungry thinking about it. [munch munch munch] ....

RG: Yeah, that was cool. I'll tell you something you might not know.. Miles and I might just make a mini-game you can star in before we get back to Game01. no promises, but we'd like to do it.

BB: Awesome! Would there be Burgers?

RG: Of course! Lots of them.

BB: Yeah!! make it happen, please! [drool..]

BB: Do you mind if I grab another Burger?

RG: Not at all. They're all for you.

BB: yes!! [grab!] ..[chomp..]

RG: Um.. you, uh, might want to take a drink once in a while, no?

BB: Huh? Oh yeah. [munch, munch] ..[slurrp]

RG: Okay, well it's time for me to go. Mr Rat is now here with us as well. Hi Mr. Rat!

Rat: Squeek!

RG: Oh! Oops, let me hook up this rat/english translator..

RG: Okay, done. Say hello to the world Mr. Rat.

Rat: Hi!

Rat: You can just call me "Rat", no Mr.

RG: Okay Rat. And you guys know each other already from Game01, right?

Rat: Yup.

BB: Uh huh. And I played Ratmaze as well. That's a great game. I can really relate to the storyline.

RG: I bet! Okay times up for me guys, have fun. See you both later on.

BB: See ya.

Rat: Later!

BB: So, what do we talk about?

Rat: I don't know. You mind if I eat some cheese while we do this?

BB: Nope. [Munch munch..] I've got burgers myself.

Rat: I love Cheese. [..nibble..]

BB: Oh yeah? I like Burgers. A lot!! I really really like burgers. [chomp.. munch.. munch]

Rat: Oh. I really love cheese. I can't get enough! [..nibble]

BB: Hmm..

BB: So, Rat, have you ever had a burger?

Rat: No. I like cheese. [nibble.. nibble]

BB: They're great. You should try one some time. [Munch.. Munch]

Rat: I don't know. Maybe. [nibble .. nibble, chomp..]

BB: I liked Ratmaze a lot! It made me really hungry. I wish I was in a game like that with Burgers!

Rat: Ratmaze is my most fun ever! I love eating all that cheese. What nice guys Miles and Rich are to make all that cheese for me.

BB: Yeah, I'm jealous.. I need another burger. You want me to grab you some more cheese?

Rat: Yum!! Thanks!

BB: [grab] [CHOMP!!] Yummy.

Rat: [swipe.. nibble nibble..] Mmmm.. squeeeek!

BB: You know, I like cheeseburgers too.

Rat: Yum. Lots of cheese on it right?

BB: I like mostly Burger on my burgers, but the cheese is good. I like ketchup too. Or Bar-b-que sauce. I want a cheeseburger now!

Rat: [nibble.. chew..]

BB: So, what else?

Rat: More cheese!

BB: Yeah, and another Burger.. [swipe.]

BB: [munch .. munch..] So, Um, What would you think would be the coolest thing ever?

Rat: Wow. I guess It would be maybe a mountain of Cheese! I could live on it forever and it would never run out, and have all kinds of different parts and caves with different cheese. Oooh, or maybe it would be a volcano, and it would erupt lots of hot melted cheddar cheese, or nacho cheese!! Oh wow!! Wow wow!! [nibble.. nibble.. chomp.. chomp chomp..]

BB: For me it would probably be the hugest burger ever! Or maybe a whole warehouse filled to the ceiling with regular burgers!! And I'd have to eat my way to the door, but I couldn't leave until I finished every last burger! [..drool..] And the next room was the same thing!! Maybe a huge mansion or skyscraper or something like that so the burger would never end!

Rat: Dude, I think the burgers in other rooms would get moldy and bad.

BB: well, so would your cheese mountain! Cheese goes bad too I think.

Rat: I'd eat it all really fast then.

BB: well, me too.

BB: Hey Rat, I think the cheese delivery guy is here, can you check the door?

Rat: Really! Wow, okay!

BB: [Swipe!] [lift .. place..]

Rat: Aww, no one was there.. HEY!! Where's my Cheese??!!

BB: I don't know..

Rat: [Sniff.. Sniff] Huh!! There it is, in your burger! You tricked me!

BB: Ha ha, yeah. Sorry. I really wanted a cheesburger.

Rat: well, I want to eat some too.

BB: Okay, you can have a little.

Rat: Hmph.. thanks, I guess.. I'll try it. Then I've got to get back to the maze.

BB: Okay. Let's eat it. It was nice talking to you.

Rat: I guess. You stole my cheese.

BB: yeah.. whatever.. Let's eat!

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