Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Ratmaze 0.5 exposed

Hello & welcome back! It's time to lend a helping hand to all of you
Ratmaze players out there. I know, Ratmaze isn't necessarily easy to beat with the "BEST" rating (under 127 seconds) but I'm here today with some assistance. I've created a Map of the game, and I've also created a version of the map with the route I took to get my best time of 102.3 seconds. It's the best time I know of so far, but once you get a look at what I've got here, I'm sure it will be beaten promptly. After that, I'm going to reveal the original graph paper & pencil sketch of the Ratmaze 1.0 map that Miles created in the first place. A little "making of" type of stuff is always interesting.

So, Here's the Ratmaze map, and then the map with the route that seems to work best for me so far. click thumbnails for a larger view:

Ratmaze map normal

Ratmaze map w/ Rich's route

There you have it. I've even revealed one of the two secrets in the game. If you can't get a better time after reviewing those maps, then, well, I don't know what to tell you. keep practicing & I'm confident that eventually you will get a "BEST" time and see Rat do backflips!

And for anyone who is interested in the behind the scenes stuff, here's a scan of the original maze design for Ratmaze. Click it for a larger view:

Pretty cool! I'm glad he dug it up recently. Very good timing for this blog. If anyone wants to use it for a background on their computer for some reason, I've also uploaded a 1240 x 1024 pixel version of it for monitors with that resolution setting here.

In other news, Gamma Bros. is coming along amazingly well. It's great fun to play, and is becoming a game that I find myself really wanting to play! That's a good sign. It's like the space shooter we've always wanted. We totally revamped the weapon upgrade capsules last night and I think they look great! We're getting close to having a finished beta version too, so if you're interested in beta testing, send us an email. We've still got room for more beta testers.

More of something next week, and with any luck the end of March will be all about the release of the beta version of Gamma Bros 1.0b! woohoo!! That's the hope, but don't hold me to that.. this is all a voluntary labor of love and our time is subject to being stolen away in an effort to actually support ourselves.

for now, good luck getting better times on Ratmaze!

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